Jesse Houwing

As a Professional Scrum Trainer with, Jesse teaches almost the full spectrum of Scrum courses, including Scrum Master, Product Owner and the Development teams in both one-team and multi-team setups.

More about Jesse Houwing

When teaching, it is incredible to see their eyes starting to shine brighter, when it clicks, when the pieces start falling into place, that’s where Jesse gets most of his energy from.

Being Agile, what does that mean? How does Scrum help with that? What technology can you apply to make it happen? These kinds of questions have always intrigued Jesse. He’s always trying to uncover new ways to do things, to keep learning.

He has recently worked with Knab, ABN AMRO, Allego, Ingenico, Isah and Philips Healthcare. For his contributions to the community, meetups, conferences and online forums, Jesse has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award 3 consecutive years.