Bart Bouwers

Bart is an experienced trainer who makes an impact. With his calmness and understanding he offers students a deep understanding of the subject matter and he elaborates on the situation of the student.

More about Bart Bouwers

In 2008 Bart came into contact with the agile way of working as a test manager at a bank. He then got to know the power of agile and decided to fully focus on delivering agile services. For him, working in an agile way means to deliver value together and grow continuously. Co-create and win together. He is convinced that only multidisciplinary teams that are communicating well with their customers are able to make the best products.

Meanwhile he has proven himself as an agile coach. He has years of experience in coaching teams and the development of team members. He also has experience with coaching in scaled agile organizations where several teams make products together. Currently he focuses on performing agile transformations in which he also coaches executive management (leadership), the business (together delivering value for the customer) and transforming it into a new corporate culture (mindset, culture).

His experience of more than 24 years extends from embedded software to administrative software. Domains: consumer electronics, medical systems, banks, pensions, farming, startups. Bart holds an MSc degree in computer science and therefore always has a sharp analytical overview.

From this rich experience he gives successful training and guides expert groups to make others better.