Paul Immerzeel

Paul Immerzeel is a business agility & leadership coach at Xebia. His purpose is to help organizations survive or (preferably) win. He is an effective leader of improvement and a proficient professional with extensive knowledge of 21st century leadership.

More about Paul Immerzeel

He uses his communication and analytical skills together with his intervention techniques to make a valuable impact on transformations at leadership level. He is at his best helping leaders of organizations. That includes coaching the coaches.

Paul holds a Master’s degree in Change Management (Business Administration) and worked in several companies before starting at Xebia in September 2015. In his work as an Agile Transformation Consultant at KPN and Interpolis he strives to make leaders grow by providing them with straightforward feedback about what he senses, what he thinks and what he feels, comparing this to what they want and finally how they can learn to intervene even more effectively. These 5 have become his guiding principles when reflecting on behavior and further improving its effectiveness.