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  • Duration 1 day
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Testing 3.0

The world of testing is changing rapidly. Are you ready to go from Testing 2.0 to testing 3.0? In this dynamic, one-day training, we'll discuss the evolution of testing in software development and how testers in Agile teams are adapting. Explore three different growth paths and learn new skills to expand your tasks beyond the traditional testing grounds.

Audience Profile: Testing 3.0 Training

You will directly benefit from the Testing 3.0  training if you:

  • are a tester
  • have basic knowledge of Agile/ Scrum
  • have some working experience in an Agile environment or with a Scrum team

Achievements Upon Completion

Participants who attend this training can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

You will learn:

  • how the role of testing is changing in an Agile world
  • the skills and strengths of the different profiles
  • which growth path suits you best
  • which skills you need to develop to stay relevant

You will gain hands-on experience and gain the skills to:

  • test automation
  • continuous integration
  • behavior driven development (BDD)

Additional Information

We also offer customized, in-company training to provide Xebia’s immersive learning curriculum on-site at your business location.
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