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Specification by Example

Specification by Example (SBE) is an emerging practice for creating software based on collaboratively defined requirements determined through realistic, rather than abstract, examples. This one-day training taught in Dutch or English helps teams improve collaboration, increase clarity of requirements and ensure mutual understanding in all phases of the software development process.

Audience Profile: Specification by Example Training

Specification by Example is a team practice. For best results, attend this training as a team.

You will benefit from this training if your role is:

  • Agile tester, business analyst, product owner, developer or Scrum master

Achievements Upon Completion

You will learn:

  • the principles of Specification by Example and how to practice them
  • why collaborative Specification workshops are key
  • how to practice and facilitate these workshops

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • break user stories down into realistic examples
  • use examples for living documentation and test automation
  • provide executable views of product capabilities using examples
  • practice and organize Specification by Example
  • easy accessibility for stakeholders
  • maintenance and conservation; future-proof your specifications
  • executing fast and robust specifications from a testing perspective

You will develop the skills to:

  • get the right details and context
  • find the 'right' way to express your requirements
  • write requirements in a clear, unambiguous, ubiquitous language
  • the right level of detail.

Additional Information


If you have limited knowledge or experience with Agile or Scrum, please contact us in advance for suggestions on how to prepare.


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