Accelerating time to market is the only successful strategy for survival. Despite your continuous delivery and agile endeavors, the high-quality software still cannot be delivered into production on demand. Why? Often because bad news is delayed unnecessarily. The right focus on quality feedback for agile teams, powered by continuous delivery and appropriate test automation tools enables your agile teams to deliver instantly.

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In a rapidly changing IT world, testing can’t be an afterthought. Continuous delivery requires a fresh, new approach to quality assurance. Testing must be integrated with your software engineering practices to ensure relevance and reduce waste. Xebia provides a full training curriculum to increase your competencies and sharpen your testing blades.

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Our consultants have successfully trained professionals from a wide variety of fields and companies, including, DUO, ANVA, BestSeller, and Rabobank.

Automation Skills: Test Automation for Agile Teams
Get in-depth, practical, immersive experience in modern test automation, including hands-on practices, exercises, and open source tooling.

Agile Testing Skills and Challenging Requirements
Our training empowers you to take Agile testing from concept to practice. Gain the professional skills and confidence you need to transition from a traditional workflow into Agile development successfully.

Techniques for Exploratory Testing
Learn to create a test strategy that combines automation and exploration, and how to make decisions based on risk and value factors. We show you the tools and approaches you need to know to increase your value as a testing professional.

Test Automation Challenging Requirements Exploratory Testing