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Risk Assessing User Stories

Learn how to look at designs and requirements from an attacker's perspective and identify vulnerabilities before creating the first line of code. This one-day training taught in Dutch provides everything you need to develop a proactive, "what could go wrong" mindset, so you can improve and protect the software you deliver.

Audience Profile: Risk Assessing User Stories Training

You will benefit from this Risk assessing user stories training if:

  • you work as a developer, tester, product owner, architect, or in another role involved in the delivery of software and systems
  • you want to know how attackers might exploit your software and how your system should behave if under attack
  • you want to take a proactive approach to application security

Achievements upon completion

After completing the 1-day training, you will:

  • understand how hackers view your system and the different techniques they could use to break it
  • know the mitigations you can implement to improve and protect your future software deliveries immediately
  • recognize a broad spectrum of specific risks, like e.g. the OWASP top 10

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