Microservice with NServiceBus

Microservices is an increasingly popular style of architecture in which complex applications composed of small, independent processes communicate with each other using language-agnostic application programming interfaces (APIs). In this experiential, two-day training taught in Dutch and English, an experienced .NET architect who has worked with NServiceBus since 2008 defines how a microservices architecture should look and points out some of the misconceptions and pitfalls surrounding this style.

Audience Profile: Microservice with NServiceBus Training

You will benefit from Microservice with NServiceBus training if:

  • you are a .NET solution architect
  • you are a software developer
  • you want a better understanding of the principles around microservices and how to apply them in practice using the NServiceBus framework

Achievements upon completion


Learn how to implement microservices using NServiceBus and gain valuable skills through practice exercises.

You will learn:

  • The definition and characteristics of microservices
  • How to conceptually model microservices
  • How to implement microservices using NServiceBus
  • How the messaging and saga capabilities in NServiceBus help you to implement powerful domain models
  • The different options and scenarios for hosting and operating NServiceBus
  • The different message transports and their tradeoffs
  • How to monitor a distributed microservice architecture

You will gain the skills to:

  • Define microservices and their boundaries
  • Model the events and messages that are exchanged in your system
  • Implement a microservice using NServiceBus
  • Build advanced functional scenarios using powerful building blocks in NServiceBus
  • Optimize hosting and operating options with NServiceBus in production
  • Architect for integration, fault tolerance and reliability

Additional Information


Please bring your own Windows laptop computer with Visual Studio 2013 (or higher) and NServiceBus (trial or full license) installed. 

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