Azure - Beyond Cloud Services

Shifting your business to the cloud brings many immediate benefits, including high availability, backup, and restore features. But to exploit the full range of Azure features, you need to think differently about your architecture. This two-day training taught in Dutch and English gives you the knowledge and skills you need to architect cloud-native applications that benefit from the most commonly used Azure features.

Audience Profile: Azure - Beyond Cloud Services 

You will benefit from Azure Beyond Cloud Services training if:

  • You are a software architect or lead developer who designs and implements on-premise architectures
  • You are transitioning from on-premise to cloud-based architectures

Achievements upon completion


  • Design and implement a cloud architecture.

You will learn:

  • Characteristics of a cloud architecture
  • Microsoft technologies you can use to implement a cloud architecture
  • Best practices and design patterns for creating cloud-native software
  • Azure features that support cloud-native software

You will gain hands-on experience:

  • Implement an Azure architecture with Microsoft tools and frameworks
  • Deploy your solution to Azure

You will develop skills to:

  • Design a cloud architecture and solution
  • Implement your own cloud application with Visual Studio
  • Deploy your cloud solution

Additional Information


  • Training level: intermediate
  • Significant experience with C# development required
  • Bring your own laptop computer with remote desktop capabilities
  • Azure subscription provided in training

Custom in-company classes

We also offer customized, in-company training to provide Xebia’s immersive learning curriculum on-site at your business location.

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