Team Kanban Practitioner

Learn how to use kanban to get the work of overwhelmed teams under control.

Kanban is a method for visualizing work flow to balance demand with capacity and spot bottlenecks. Learn how to use it to dynamically manage your software development process. This one-day training taught in Dutch or English provides the skills and knowledge you need to apply kanban at a team level. Learn how to determine what to work on now, what to leave until later and what to take off the to-do list forever.

Q: Is Team Kanban Practitioner training right for me?

  • Yes - if you are a knowledge worker looking for more control of unforeseen, ad-hoc work
  • Yes - if you are a team member seeking a more transparent, flow-based way of working
  • Yes - if you are an agile worker looking to evolve your proces
  • Yes - if you are interested in applying the Kanban method, regardless of title or experience

Q: What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • The kanban method, principles and practices and how to apply them to your team
  • How to design and implement a kanban team board
  • Visualizing basics; different work types and associated risk
  • A variety of kanban team board designs and styles 

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Visualizing work for transparency and predictability
  • Organizing processes and tasks using Kanban systems
  • Balancing a team’s urgent and important tasks 
  • Maintaining a predictable workflow
  • Operating a kanban system

You will develop the skills to:

  • Design and implement a basic kanban board for your team
  • Understand work item types

Q: What else should I know?


  • Prior to the training, please read either:
    • Kanban by David J. Anderson
    • Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows

Team Kanban Practitioner Certification:

  • Certificate of Completion awarded by Lean-Kanban University upon successful completion 
  • Earn a Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) credential certificate accompanied by the TKP Badge

Read more about the partnership with Lean Kanban Inc. here

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