Kanban System Design (KMP I)

Do you want to know how to get started with kanban, or how to improve your current kanban system? This two-day foundations-level kanban training class, certified by Lean Kanban University, provides the skills and knowledge you need to design a basic kanban system. Taught in Dutch or English, this training includes simulations and exercises that teach you how to create a dynamic, predictable workflow.
"Good combination of theory and hands on exercises. We worked out a case that we can use in our daily work." - Scrum Master, KPN

Q: Is Kanban System Design (KMP I) training right for me?

  • Yes - if you are a manager, developer, or professionals who wants to learn the fundamentals of the kanban method

Q: What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • How to design a kanban system and initiate change with kanban
  • The basic kanban concepts of flow, pull, and collaborative improvement

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Controlling work-in-progress (from push to pull)
  • Visualizing work (designing a card wall)
  • Measuring and managing flow (control charts, flow diagrams)
  • Making policies explicit (classes of service)
  • Managing change and collaborative improvement

You will develop the skills to:

  • Identify and address bottlenecks
  • Work with shifting priorities
  • Manage multitasking and interrupt work
  • Prioritize importantly but non-time-critical work
  • Create flow in the work, the information required to do it and within the performing teams 

Q: Certification

Kanban System Design (KMP I) Certification:

  • Certificate of Completion awarded by Lean-Kanban University upon successful completion
  • This training satisfies one requirement toward the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation.  
  • The KMP Foundations II: Kanban Management Professional training completes the KMP status requirement.

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