Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I register for a training session?
A: You can register yourself at our website, by the clicking on the “book now” button.

Q: Do the prices include or exclude VAT?
A: All prices exclude VAT.

Q: What are the payment options?
A: You can pay by invoice, credit card or via internet banking/online payment system.

Q: Can I cancel a booked training?
A: If you cancel up to one month before the first training day, there is no charge. Cancellations between one month and two weeks of the first day pay 50%. If you cancel a session within two weeks of the first training day, we charge the full price. Please remember, you must always cancel in writing.

Q: Is lunch included in the training?
A: All training sessions include lunch unless otherwise noted. If you have dietary requirements, please notify us at least two weeks in advance by phone or via email.

Q: I’m not able to register for a training session, how can I fix this?
A: If you’re having problems with registration, we’re happy to help. Just get in touch via phone or our chat.

Q: I’m interested in attending a training session that is not on the current schedule. What do I do?
A: We plan training sessions throughout the entire year, so if you don’t see the training of your choice on the schedule, there’s still a chance we could add it.  Give us a call or get in touch via our chat so we can discuss.

Q: Which training best matches my profile, function, situation or development?
A: Get in touch via phone or our chat so we can see which might fit best. Once we discuss your expectations and needs, we can assist you in finding an appropriate training session.

Q: What about locations and parking?
A: Training sessions take place in several sites with different parking possibilities at each. You can find our location and parking overview here.