Start to EventStorming

To really understand what our users will need, and build the right thing, we want to have a first-hand experience from ‘real-life stories’ before we can model and create our software. To quote Alberto Brandolini: "It is not the domain expert’s knowledge that goes into production, it is the developer’s assumption of that knowledge that goes into production".

EventStorming is a technique that minimizes assumptions by doing deliberate, collaborative learning with different disciplines in order to solve business problems in the most effective way.

EventStorming can be used in a variety of contexts - from deliberate discovery to team flow and from sprint retrospectives to detangling systems and from domain-driven design to designing CQRS/event sourcing systems and determining candidate microservices. As long as there is a story to tell and a timeline involved, EventStorming will be a useful tool. In this dynamic, two-day training course, you’ll learn how to facilitate an EventStorming workshop for your professional journey.

Is Start to Event Storming training right for me? 

  • Yes - if you are a software architect
  • Yes - if you are a consultant
  • Yes - if you are a software developer
  • Yes - if you are an agile coach
  • Yes - if you are eager to learn cool collaboration techniques that help you grow your career

What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • Where EventStorming can be effective
  • The different EventStorming formats 
  • Patterns and anti-patterns of EventStorming 
  • EventStorming concepts, including: Event, Command, Aggregate, Read Model and Policy 
  • What is 'Deliberate Discovery' and how does it help my team 
  • How EventStorming fits in the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Solving real world problems with EventStorming 
  • Designing and modeling a business process using EventStorming 
  • Designing and modeling a state machine with EventStorming 
  • Designing and modeling an Aggregate with EventStorming 
  • Designing and modeling microservices with EventStorming 

You will develop the skills to:

  • Apply 'Big picture EventStorming' to get a common understanding of your current constraints as a company or team
  • Get the most from an event storming session while facilitating
  • Combine EventStorming with other tools like BDD/Specification By Example

What else should I know?


  • A passion for sticky notes
  • Willingness to communicate

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