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React Fundamentals

React is a great tool for building modern user interfaces in web applications. You can create anything ranging from simple and small components to very large applications managing dynamic data. You can even build native mobile apps with it. In this single day 'Fundamentals' training we will teach you a solid foundation in React.

Audience Profile: React Fundamentals Training

This training is for everyone who wants to start at full speed with React development. We assume you have some prior experience with building applications with JavaScript. You should know what ES2015/ES6 is and be familiar with NPM tooling. 

You will learn 

  • about components in React and what state and lifecycle means
  • what JSX is and how to use it
  • how to use props to pass data and validate them using propTypes
  • how to use events and callbacks to react to changes
  • how to do asynchronous data fetching from a backend using modern ES2015 APIs 
  • how to write proper unit tests for your components. 

Additional Information


For this training, you will need a personal laptop with your favorite JavaScript editor and node pre-installed.