Programming Production-ready Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are the latest iteration in modern web development. It's an open, cross-browser technology meant to improve user experience on the mobile web. As a web developer, you should already be aware of the modern web's capabilities, but do you know what it takes to implement a progressive web app (PWA)?

Have you already fiddled around with Web Manifests and Service Workers, ready to take the next step? In this one-day course you will learn all there is to know about Progressive Web Apps in production. You will get your feet wet with caching strategies, application architectures, and rolling updates. Dive in with IndexedDB, Push Notifications and Background Sync. We’ll be using the latest JavaScript features for coding and programming and work with npm and Node.js.

After this training you will be able to build highly engaging Progressive Web Apps with custom Service Workers to exploit all the web has to offer.

Q: Is Programming Production-ready Progressive Web Apps training right for me?

  • Yes – if you are already enthusiastic about PWAs
  • Yes – if you are looking for an advanced PWA course
  • Yes – if you are an experienced web developer

Q: What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • The Web Manifest standard
  • Service Worker API and lifecycle
  • How to deal with caching, both in the Service Worker and in HTTP
  • What design considerations to make and how to deal with user consent
  • How to deal with poor network conditions and how Background Sync can help

You will gain hands-on experience in: 

  • Building custom Service Workers with Workbox
  • Setting up an App Shell with precaching
  • Implementing offline support
  • Using IndexedDB
  • Setting up push notifications

You will develop the skills to: 

  • Build high-performance, resilient web apps
  • Build highly-engaging web apps
  • Build a production-ready Progressive Web Apps

Q: What else should I know?


  • Some knowledge of ES6 and Promises
  • A basic understanding of HTTP caching


  • A laptop with Node.js and npm installed, as well as a JavaScript editor

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