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Building real life apps with React & MobX

In this workshop, you will build a small web application that touches real life problems. We will start with designing data stores for our application and test them. After that, we will create forms, setup asynchronous data fetching, local storage, and data synchronization. We will hook that all up with our React UI, but in such a way that coupling is kept as low as possible.

Audience Profile Building real life apps with React & MobX training

This is an intermediate level workshop and assumes basic knowledge of React (components, properties, event handlers, state) and project setup (bundling etc.)

You'll benefit from this Building real life apps with React & MobX training if:

  • You want to get a deep understanding of MobX and how you can benefit from as much as possible
  • You want to know how to organize state, components etc when scaling react applications

Achievements Upon Completion

You will learn:

  • The philosophy of MobX
  • MobX basics, forms, asynchronous processes, testing, routing, serialization
  • How to achieve a clear separation of logic and view
  • How to test complete application flows

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Designing models & stores
  • Store composition
  • Using MobX with React
  • Testing MobX & React
  • Dependency injection using Provider/ inject
  • Multiple approaches to routing

You will gain the skills to:

  • Design and build complex applications based on React, MobX and the underlying reactive principles.

Additional Information

Are you interested in the mobx-state-tree sneak preview from Michel Weststrate? Join his meetup!