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Building Reactive Applications with Scala, Akka & Akka-Http

Learn how to build the next generation event-driven, highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications with Akka and Akka-http using the Scala programming language. By doing so, you will get to know all the ingredients to write high-performing, asynchronous- and non-blocking web applications that reflect all characteristics of modern reactive systems.

This training is co-created by Raymond Roestenburg, author of the book: Akka in Action

Audience Profile: Building Reactive Applications with Scala, Akka & Akka-Http training

  • you are a medior/senior developer or hands-on architect,
  • you want to learn how to build web-based reactive applications using Akka and Akka-http.

Important: Basic knowledge of Scala is required

Achievements Upon Completion

You will build a sample application in small steps that involves all relevant elements of Akka and Akka-http. In each step, a particular feature is treated and consequently implemented with a hands-on exercise. Extensive attention will be spent on testing. Finally, the Actor-based application will be exposed to the web using Akka-http. The most important advanced Scala features used in these frameworks will be treated as well.

After completing the 2-day training, you will know:

  • the architectural foundation used to build reactive systems as well as their groundbreaking possibilities,
  • the principles of Actor-based concurrency,
  • the core building blocks Akka and Akka-http offer,
  • the most important advanced Scala features used in Akka and Akka-http.

You will gain experience in:

  • Using the core features Akka offers, namely:
    • Actor Basics
    • Testing Actors
    • Resilience
    • Configuration
    • Extensions
    • Scheduling
    • Event Stream
    • Logging
    • State Machines
    • Writing REST APIs and web frontends with Akka-http, by mastering:
      • Akka-http Routing DSL
      • Testing Routes
      • Directives
      • Marshalling/Unmarshalling
      • Integration with Akka
      • Applying the advanced Scala features applied in Akka and Akka-http, namely:
        • Partial Functions
        • Implicit Conversions
        • Futures and Promises

You will develop the skills to:

  • confidently write production applications with Akka and Akka-http,
  • test Actor based code,
  • design asynchronous, non-blocking and event-driven systems and which best practices to apply,
  • expose Actor-based applications to the web using Akka-http.