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Angular 2

AngularJS was a revolutionary SPA framework that allowed for rapid development of scalable websites. Angular 2 is a major upgrade to the framework and a rethinking of how SPA should be developed from the ground-up, based on all the learnings from AngularJS. From the development stack to the code and concepts, from the tooling to the support, this 2-day training taught in English provides a great base for anyone looking to adopt AngularJS for their own work.

Audience Profile: Angular 2 training

You will benefit from this Angular 2 training if:

  • you are interested in adopting Angular 2 for your own projects and want to know how to get started
  • you have prior experience with AngularJS and want to understand what is new in Angular 2
  • you have a basic knowledge of JS and some SPA frameworks and want to quickly get up to speed with the concepts of Angular 2

Achievements Upon Completion

This immersive, two training taught in English provides a solid, basic foundation in Angular 2.

You’ll learn:

  • the Angular 2 concepts & terminology, and how it has changed from AngularJS 
  • how to get quickly started with an Angular 2 project
  • how to create various components and use various parts of Angular 2 to build a scalable web application
  • how to get your Angular 2 project ready for deployment and use in production
  • how to test your Angular 2 application

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • developing an end-to-end Angular 2 application
  • working with the various parts of Angular 2
  • writing and running tests for Angular 2
  • deploying and other build tools for Angular 2

You will have the skills to:

  • Immediately start using Angular 2 for your own projects