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21st-century Craftsmanship

Agile working requires high levels of maturity and delivery of constant quality to continuously improve both your collaboration and your products. Today's craftsmanship is no longer just about clean code, XP practices and whether or not you refactor your code. Today's craftsmanship is primary about having a real impact, creating value and making your team grow. As a modern craftsman, you simply make the difference. Looking for feedback on everything and transforming your own learnings into value and impact are a skill that can be mastered. It will enable you to lead, shine and be proud.

Audience Profile 21st-century Craftsmanship

This training will really have a lot of value for you when:

  • You are a software- or test engineer and you have enough experience to be really good at it.
  • You have the passion to get better in what you do and really want to have more impact on your work, your environment, and the products you’re working on.
  • You have a lot of idea's, but you can’t always create the support to make your ideas come alive
  • You’re convinced that -combined with good coding skills- you'll need communication and leadership skills to be successful
  • You want to have more impact and you're ready for a life changing experience.

Achievements Upon Completion

The 21st-century craftsmanship 1-day training gives you insight into the mindset and the toolset of every 21st-century craftsman.  

You will learn:

  • How to shape your own ideas and prioritize them by value
  • How to turn resistance into an invitation to conversation and have impact on the outcome
  • How to find feedback in places you never looked and how to use this feedback

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Shifting from thinking you're right to being right
  • Discovering your personal rulebook and how to embrace or change a rule
  • Determining the value of your ideas and project
  • Rethinking harsh deadlines into inspiring goals.

You will develop the skills to:

  • Find value and keep your focus on it
  • Accelerate your personal learning permanently
  • Achieve more with less
  • Turn suppression into support

Additional Information

You’ll be challenged to criticize your personal judgments and ideas. Your modus operandi to almost everything in life is about to change. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and into a mindblowing eyeopener.