Data Science

Increase your skills and experience with Hadoop and Big Data solutions and become truly independent from consultancy services. Our skilled trainers have world-class knowledge and years of experience in the field of Big Data and Data Science.

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Success Stories

  • In 2013, Xebia was named Cloudera EMEA training partner of the year.
  • Xebia has delivered custom data science solutions to dozens of large enterprises.
  • Actively deploying Hadoop since 2009, Xebia laid the foundation for data-driven transitions for the largest e-commerce and travel businesses in the Netherlands, including KLM, Schiphol, eBay, Wehkamp &
  • Xebia has successfully facilitated training throughout Europe and the Middle East.
  • Leading technology providers, including Cloudera, Datastax, Confluent, and Databricks, have selected Xebia as their exclusive training provider.
  • Xebia is the exclusive training partner of over 25 large enterprises, including the biggest Dutch banks.


Xebia is the exclusive training partner of Cloudera (Hadoop), Datastax (Cassandra), Confluent (Kafka) and Databricks (Spark). Xebia is also a partner of Revolution Analytics (R) and NeoTechnology (Neo4J).

Big Data Training sessions are provided by GoDataDriven, part of Xebia Group.


Our certified trainers have proven track records for delivering excellent data science solutions and solid experience in developing custom solutions in R, Spark, and Python.


Xebia has trained several organizations in Big Data training sessions, including, Wehkamp, ING, Rabobank, Quby, ANWB, Aegon, Sonepark, Nike, Lufthansa, Emirates, KLM, Schiphol.