Apache Airflow: a tool to orchestrate big data

Apache Airflow allows you to maximize the value of any type of big data in a company. As a powerful big data orchestration tool, Apache Airflow refines data from an unrefined state into a reliable, more useful state. What’s more, Airflow spreads the capacity to do this across your organization, thus creating a movement towards data excellence.

We believe that getting data into motion by building pipelines and refineries, running it through machine-learning algorithms, and processing it to drive dashboards is becoming the lifeblood of leading organizations. Most organizations struggle to run their data products in a uniform manner, which causes a mismatch between their talents and their requirements. 

In automating your data pipelines, Apache Airflow allows your organization to turn its dormant assets into dynamic resources that provide a competitive edge.

Is Apache Airflow: a tool to orchestrate big data right for me?

  • Yes – if you are a data scientist
  • Yes – if you are a data engineer
  • Yes – if you want to bring data products to production

What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • A general introduction into Airflow, and the situations in which it will benefit you
  • A hands-on exercise using Airflow, writing a DAG that interacts with components on Google Cloud, for instance BigQuery, DataFlow and Cloud Storage
  • How to write customized operators, hooks and sensors using Airflow internals

You will gain hands-on experience in: 

  • The Airflow ecosystem
  • Analyzing data types that are suitable for using Airflow
  • Building and automating data pipelines

You will develop the skills to: 

  • Use and manage Apache Airflow
  • Build and assess data pipelines
  • Integrate Airflow seamlessly into your data landscape using custom operators

What else should I know?


  • In order to benefit from this course participants are expected to have general knowledge of Python programming concepts (e.g. be familiar with concepts mentioned under Basics on learnpython.org
  • Knowledge of basic data engineering principles


  • Bring a laptop with connectivity to the internet

This training is taught by our training partner GoDataDriven

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