The Phoenix Project – a DevOps Simulation Game

Many modern organizations have adopted DevOps as an essential survival skill and key differentiator. The Phoenix Project Game is a serious business simulation that teaches you the essentials of DevOps by applying them in practice. It’s an excellent tool for team-building and the perfect start for your DevOps journey.

For this training, the game is played during one full day, either in-company or at Xebia’s training locations in Amsterdam or Hilversum. It can be facilitated in both English or Dutch (with game materials in English). 

The Set Up

Imagine your company, Parts Unlimited, is in deep trouble. Sales are tumbling, the stock price is taking a dive. But there’s one hope: a comprehensive plan called “The Phoenix Project” could ensure the company survives, and even becomes competitive again. 

The challenge for your team, if you choose to accept it, is to make the Phoenix Project a success and save Parts Unlimited from impending doom. To succeed, your team must take on all the different DevOps roles- development, testing, operations, business, and management - and learn to work together effectively.

The game is an excellent way for new groups to get to know each other and build a real team focused on results. The simulation also provides a safe and fun environment for any team to experiment, compressing months' worth of continuous improvements into a single day. 

Discover new solutions for delivering more reliable software faster and learn to collaborate more effectively within the entire value chain. Your team will leave with a full bag of lessons learned they can put into practice the next day. Plus, a pretty cool poster as well. 

Is The Phoenix Project game right for us?

  • Yes - if you are starting up a new team
  • Yes - if your team wants to adopt DevOps
  • Yes - if your agile team is hungry to learn more
  • Yes - if you are a management team that wants to experience how DevOps might impact your organization

What will we achieve by participating in this game?

You will learn about:

  • The right mindset and culture for a DevOps setting
  • Product ownership
  • Single piece flow
  • A “stop the line” mentality 
  • The difference between planned versus unplanned work
  • Work in progress limits
  • Autonomy

You will gain hands-on experience in: 

  • The value of experimentation
  • Applying DevOps in practice
  • Creating flow in your work
  • Collaborating effectively
  • Continuous improvement
  • Maximizing business value

You will develop the skills to: 

  • Apply visual management
  • Apply agile planning methods

What else should we know?

The game’s design was inspired by the book The Phoenix Project. However, it does not strictly follow the story. You can participate without having read the book and reading the book does not spoil the game.


  • We will conduct an intake beforehand to align your particular goals and priorities with the right emphasis in the game
  • No developer, operations or programming skills required