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Configuration management with Puppet & Salt

You want system administrators and DevOps engineers to work faster and smarter. You want to eliminate configuration drift. You want to "automate everything" for discovering, configuring, and managing your infrastructure. You want to express your system configuration declaratively since you believe into "infrastructure as code". This training builds on Xebia's renowned best practices in the field of Continuous Delivery and DevOps by using Puppet and Salt: the top two provisioning tools available in the field. We share the best practices and lessons learned at the major companies where we applied these tools. Enroll now to implement your "infrastructure as code" yourself!

Audience Profile: Configuration Management with Puppet and Salt training

You'll benefit from the Configuration Management with Puppet and Salt training if:

  • you are a software developer, DevOps engineer, architect, or sysadmin
  • you have basic knowledge of Configuration Management core concepts,
  • you can read/write basic code

Achievements Upon Completion

Interaction is encouraged during the training, and real-life examples will be used in order to intensify the learning experience and enlarging your practical toolbox. Participants who attend this training can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

You'll learn:

  • the importance of automating the provisioning of your infrastructure
  • the importance of continuous integration and delivery and know all essential characteristics of Continuous Delivery
  • Puppet and Salt to automate provisioning of your infrastructure
  • Puppet and Salt to setup a fully automated best-in-class Continuous Delivery pipelines

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • setting Puppet and Salt to provision your infrastructure
  • creating a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Puppet and Salt. Git (version control), Jenkins (Build tool), XL Deploy (Deploy tool), XL Release (Application Lifecycle management), Sensu (monitoring), ELK (logging), Wildfly (application container).

You will have the skills to:

Setup a fully automated software delivery pipeline and infrastructure by using Puppet and Salt yourself.