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DevOps is a way of thinking that puts the focus back on your business so that you can achieve simpler, more effective and efficient IT. Continuous delivery (CD) promises faster reaction times, reduced risk; exposed inefficiencies and costs; and more flexible release options.

DevOps at Xebia?

Xebia Academy is the best place to learn DevOps and continuous delivery.

As a founding partner of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), Xebia developed the framework and curricula used to advance and promote Agile and DevOps competencies worldwide. Our expert trainers are professional consultants, well-versed in both theory and practice.

  • Xebia founded the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)
  • You will learn the DASA competence framework from the world's leading experts;
  • Xebia created all the study materials in cooperation with DASA;
  • You can immediately begin putting DevOps into practice

Xebia Academy's comprehensive training provides all the skills and knowledge you need to start your DevOps/CD journey.

The DASA competence Framework

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I liked that real business examples were used. It let me know that the trainer had actual experience and didn't just learn a process and then learn it.

Business Consultant, ING

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