Cassandra 1.2 Developer Training

This two day Cassandra 1.2 Developer Training learns you al you need to know to succeed with Apache Cassandra!

Big Data including lunch
Amsterdam, Amsterdam in-company available

The Cassandra (C*) NoSQL database is one of the most powerful and widely used non-relational databases available today. It is a fault tolerant, highly scalable database with tunable consistency that meets the demanding requirements of the "can´t fail, must scale" systems driving growth for many of the most successful enterprises of today. However, along with that capability comes a new data and programming model that many organizations lack the expertise to use in an optimal fashion.

This course provides a technical introduction to all the conceptual and practical areas needed to use Cassandra successfully. It is written expressly for the new capabilities of CQL 3 in the recent versions of C*. The course provides a solid foundation in the architecture and data model of C* and how to work with it. It covers CQL3 in detail, as well as important data modeling techniques to optimize your usage of the database. It includes a full-scale application based on a stock-trading system (StockWatcher) that uses the data models you create in class.

After taking this course, you will be ready to work with Cassandra in an informed and productive manner, including modeling and accessing your data with CQL3. You will be aware of some common pitfalls as well as best practices for creating your data model and applications. You will gain a clear understanding of how C* works, and be fully prepared to use it in production systems.

Participants receive a mix of classroom discussion and real-world lab exercises.

Target Group & Prerequisites:

This training is intended for developers who want to know more about Cassandra 1.2.

Please, note that you will need to bring your own laptop for this training. The minimum requirements for the laptop are:

  • Windows XP, 7 or 8/ Mac OS/ Linux
  • Vmware Player/ Fusion
  • 4GB RAM
  • minimal 8 GB disk space available
  • 32-bit Dual core processor is required. Quad core is recommended, as well as a 64-bit processor.