Spotify Agile Scaling Model

The Spotify Agile Scaling Model is based on Alignment, Autonomy, and Agile, the three pillars applied by Spotify when setting up and scaling their organization. The characteristics of this successful organization were published in the two-part video "The Spotify Engineering Culture"*. In 2015-2016 this approach has been successfully applied by the largest international bank corporation in The Netherlands. The latter transition involved thousands of people and hundreds of teams. It demonstrates that the organizational principles used by 1.000-people-sized Spotify can also be applied on a far larger scale. Furthermore, that it can be applied outside IT in an organization of business teams. The Spotify Agile Scaling model aims to let organizations win again. By putting people in their power. By a strong goal-driven focus. By setting up a close collaboration with their end-users. It changes the way of working, but also strongly supports a change in culture. Bringing a mastery and entrepreneurship culture at your Agile teams. In this training, you will learn what the Spotify Agile Scaling model is, and you will learn from first-hand experiences how to implement it.

Audience Profile: Spotify Agile Scaling Model training

All stakeholders in a Lean-Agile transformation are welcome to attend this training, regardless of experience. This training is particularly beneficial if:

  • Yes - if your company is scaling Agile to the program or organizational level
  • Yes - if you believe your company needs a more Agile and entrepreneurial culture and more Agile processes to face the competition
  • Yes - if you are a Business Manager, (Chief) Product Owner or Product Manager, IT Manager, HR-Manager, Finance & Control Manager, Program Manager, Agile/Lean coach, Agile/Lean consultant
  • Yes - if you are an Information Manager or Architect
  • Yes - if you believe the performance of an organization is more than having a sound strategy and the right processes in place; it is all about catalyzing the strengths of people and building a culture of innovation
  • Yes - if you are involved in defining business cases and setting up a project portfolio (different views and approaches will be presented)
  • Yes - if you have a working knowledge of Agile and Scrum.**

Achievements Upon Completion

The Spotify Agile Scaling Model is the elaboration of the Spotify Engineering Culture into a scaling model, which can be widely applied in all kind of organizations. Based on strong beliefs on how to create the highest motivation and highest performance out of a group of people, we will unfold the organizational structure and processes that will catalyze this goal. 

This two-day training is taught in Dutch by default, in English on request.

You will learn:

  • what the important relation is between autonomy and alignment
  • how to set up result-driven, goal-driven portfolio management which directs the teams in the united direction of your strategy
  • how to structure your Business and IT organization ineffective ‘BusDevOps’ units
  • how to structure and prepare tribes and squads to be successful and maximize their autonomy
  • how to simplify HR and Finance & Control
  • how to start a transformation using the Spotify Agile Scaling model
  • what key role Leadership plays in the Agile culture-based organization
  • what key strengths other scaling models offer, which might be helpful in a Spotify Agile Scaling transformation 

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • breaking down big changes into work items for the teams: from Idea to Execution and Delivery
  • performing a market place session 

You will develop the skills to:

  • to define squad and tribe purposes

Additional Information

* by H. Kniberg
** If you have limited knowledge or experience with Agile or Scrum, please contact us in advance for suggestions on how to prepare.

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