Master Class: Leading the Agile Transformation

As the world changes at an ever-faster pace, customers have become more outspoken and demanding. As a (senior) manager, you're responsible for the agile transformation that guides your company towards adaptivity and customers-centric focus. This intensive two-day* training taught in Dutch provides the theoretical and practical tools you need to reach your transformation goals. Co-created by attendees with the trainer based on current challenges and regular content, this training also features a guest speaker who shares first-hand experience of change management challenges. Through real customer cases, individualized feedback, and interactive simulation games, you'll gain valuable tools, skills and insight to lead your organization's agile transformation.

Audience Profile: Masterclass Leading the Agile Transformation

  • Yes - if your company is (about to) execute a major agile transformation
  • Yes - if you are a key player in your company’s agile transformation

Achievements Upon Completion

At the start of the 1st day, the trainer and attendees will co-create the program of the days, based on current challenges and the regular content.

After completing the Masterclass, you will know

Participants in this training will learn, gain hands-on experience, and develop the skills to:

  • Execute an agile transformation in an agile way
  • Set up transformation goals
  • Create a transformation story map
  • Translate your strategy into agile portfolio management
  • Reach mature product ownership
  • Introduce product lines to reduce the complexity of control
  • Set up an agile organization (business and IT)
  • Set up agile governance, with an understanding of the impact on:     
    • financial processes
    • project governance
    • agile portfolio management
  • Lead an agile organization as a manager
  • Understand the agile impact on your job and role structure
  • Secure agility within your organization

Additional Information

Day 1: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm, including lunch and dinner
Day 2: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm, including lunch

* This training includes one evening session; the total course is equivalent to 2.5 days.

Custom in-company classes

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