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Agile Sketchnoting and Graphic Recording

Real-time visualization is a powerful way to communicate information quickly. Learn why sketching and recording help bring ideas to life, and how to do both effectively. This fun and informative one-day training, taught in Dutch and English, provides a basic foundation in information visualization, the old-school way.

Audience Profile: Agile Sketchnoting and Graphic Recording training:

You’ll benefit most from Agile Sketchnoting and Graphic Recording if:

  • you are a product owner, Scrum master, team member or Agile coach.
  • You feel you can't draw. Drawing ability is not a requirement. In fact, the less confident your feel about your sketching ability, the more you will gain from this training.
  • you would like to improve your ability to record and communicate information.

Achievements Upon Completion

You'll learn:

  • the definition and purpose of sketchnoting and graphic recording 
  • the differences between them, and how they complement each other
  • why sketchnoting and graphic recording is useful, from a theoretical and practical perspective.

You’ll gain hands-on experience in:

  • applying the skills of sketchnoting and graphic recording in your personal notes backlog refinement sessions and retrospectives.

You’ll gain the skills to:

  • increase collective recall by 29%
  • present information in a way that engages people.