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Agile at Scale

You think about implementing Agile in your organization. Presumably, you already have a few Agile teams in place. Their performance and the increased satisfaction of both customers and employees make you wonder how your organization would look like with only Agile teams. How to organize, how to coordinate, how to get big changes done, how to govern and control? What is the impact on management and team members and specialist roles? Agile at Scale frameworks like SAFe, LeSS and the Spotify model each give their own perspective to answer this question.

Good overview of methods!
Technical Consultant

Audience Profile: Agile at Scale training

You will benefit from the Agile at Scale training if:

  • you are a manager, architect, program/project manager,
  • you are an Agile consultant,
  • you are interested in getting the benefits Agile brings in a multi-team environment,
  • you have a basic level knowledge of Agile and Scrum.

Achievements Upon Completion

We will offer example cases, theory, exercises and plenty of time to discuss questions you bring from your context. 

After completing the 1-day training, you will know:

  • what is SAFe,
  • what is LeSS,
  • what is Spotify,
  • what are the common ground and differences between SAFe en LeSS, and how it these frameworks compare to the Spotify way of working,
  • what we can learn from Agile at Scale implementations at big enterprises in The Netherlands,
  • what are the Dos and Don’ts?  

You will have the skills to

  • start scaling from Agile teams to an Agile organization

Additional Information

You can prepare for this training:

  • by browsing the and website,
  • by reading a copy of 'Agile Pocketguide voor Wendbare Organisaties' by Gerrits, de Groot and Venneman,
  • if you lack knowledge on Scrum, please read the Scrumguide (available on