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Scrum Master Academy

Welcome to the Scrum Master Academy. The Scrum Master Academy provides all the practical tips, knowledge, experience and tools you need to perform effectively as a Scrum Master. Theoretical Scrum knowledge is not always enough. You know what to do but may struggle with knowing exactly how to do it. The Scrum Master Academy covers all the real-world essentials you need to optimize Scrum and excel in this vital role. Taught in Dutch or English by our excellent Professional Scrum Trainers, Evelien Roos and Jesse Houwing, you'll gain valuable insight from their many years of combined field experience.

For the five-month training period, you’ll play an active role in a consistent Scrum master cohort of 12 participants (max), learning and practicing together as a group one training day each month. This is your opportunity to reflect, ask questions and share real-life cases in a safe, encouraging environment. In between the training days, you’ll apply your new skills and complete homework assignments. During the entire five-month training period and beyond, your trainers will be available to answer your questions. Together, you'll learn how to put theory into practice, using Scrum to get better at Scrum, in the training and daily on the job.

Audience Profile: Scrum Master Academy

This five-month training program is designed for professional Scrum masters with:

  • a minimum of six months of experience in this role
  • a solid knowledge of Scrum
  • a desire to build and improve existing Scrum skills
  • a professional Scrum master position throughout the five-month training
  • All participants must have completed a CSM or PSM training and passed the exam.

Achievements Upon Completion

Acquire the skills and knowledge you need to achieve optimal results with Scrum and gain a valuable network of Scrum professionals.

You will learn:

  • how to kickstart a new team
  • different leadership styles
  • different coaching techniques
  • how your team can work smarter
  • how tools and metrics can help your team
  • how you can continue to learn and improve

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • organizing a team kickoff meeting
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • facilitating good retrospectives
  • working with metrics and different tools
  • using team building activities

You will develop the skills to:

  • influencing and coaching people
  • overcoming resistance
  • facilitating efficient and effective meetings
  • forming true Scrum teams

Additional Information

Training program 

  • Day 1: Kickstarting your team
    • team charter
    • team building
    • kickoff Activities
  • Day 2: Coaching the Scrum Team
    • understanding and changing behavior
    • servant leadership and other leadership styles
    • effective facilitation, moderation, and support
  • Day 3: Work Smarter
    • backlogs, refinement, and focus
    • removing impediments
    • coaching teams in a waterfall / non-Scrum organization
  • Day 4: Inspect and Adapt
    • transparency, tools, and metrics
    • retrospectives
    • learning organization
  • Day 5: Coaching the Organization
    • high-performing teams: self-organizing and multifunctional
    • supporting Agile adoption in your organization
    • open: topics to be determined by the students

The upcoming training program starts in September 2017 and includes the following dates:

September 6, October 11, November 8, December 13 (2017) & January 10 (2018)