Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)

Take your Scrum Master training one step further. Improve your flexibility, gain new tools and techniques, and develop mentoring and teaching skills you can use to guide and evolve your agile teams even further. This two-day course blends proven, agile-coaching techniques with improv exercises and experiential lessons to strengthen and stretch your coaching confidence.

The A-CSM course builds on your basic Scrum knowledge to enhance your skills for implementing Scrum and agile techniques within your organization and teams.

Learn advanced communication approaches that will positively impact your Scrum team ceremonies, stakeholder conversations, and organizational agile coaching. You will practice a host of advanced personal and group facilitation methods that will reinvigorate your leadership and enhance your team's performance.

Distinguish yourself in the global marketplace and your industry by earning the new A-CSM certification from Scrum Alliance.

"I liked everything, both leadership and coaching parts were very inspiring." -  Quality Assurance Engineering Officer 

Q: Is Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) training right for me?

  • Yes - if you are a Scrum Master or team lead
  • Yes - if you are a development manager, delivery manager, or project manager
  • Yes - if you are an agile coach, or are interested in developing your coaching and facilitation skills

Q: What will I achieve by completing this training?

A focus on implementation: the A-CSM program is designed to build on your foundational knowledge with enhanced skills for the implementation of Scrum and agile techniques within your company and teams.

You will learn:

  • Agile coaching techniques and stances (the four roles of an agile coach)
  • Team facilitation techniques and stances
  • Agile environment setup
  • Backlog grooming best practices
  • Example mapping 
  • Common Scrum and agile scaling frameworks
  • Agile coach professional development path

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Process improvement
  • Driving change
  • Active listening
  • Self-awareness
  • Building agreement
  • Giving feedback
  • Effective external communication with stakeholders
  • Facilitating meetings and ceremonies that stick

You will develop the skills to:

  • Facilitate dialogue between the product owner, team members, customers, stakeholders, and executives
  • Remove impediments that prevent long-term, deep adoption of Scrum and agile practices by all parts of the business
  • Help your company adopt Scrum and support executives committed to agile values
  • Respond confidently when encountering resistance to change, lack of engagement, low motivation, and unavailability of key people
  • Explain the value of Scrum and agile processes to skeptics
  • Increase developer engagement to encourage greater accountability, commitment, and buy-in
  • Extend the impact of Scrum throughout the organization
  • Scale Scrum and agile beyond a single team

Q: Certification

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Certification:

  • The Scrum Master certification is provided by our partner Scrum Alliance and comes with a two-year membership. Read more about our partnership with Scrum Alliance here.
  • There is no exam after this training course
  • The Trainer (CST) will register you for certification after you have fully participated in the 2-day training. Make sure that you have an active account with the Scrum Alliance and use that email address for registration.
  • This certified educational offering follows the Scrum Alliance Path to CSP®. It goes beyond Scrum basics and mechanics by providing professionals with techniques and skills in interaction, facilitation, coaching, and team dynamics

Q: What else should I know?


  • Successful completion of the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training and work experience as an agile team lead or scrum master
  • A valid 2-year Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification at Scrum Alliance. Or renew your certification before you start this course
  • Validate at least one year work experience (within the past five years) as a ScrumMaster. You can do this by logging your hours into your Scrum Alliance account. For more info read the FAQ
  • In-depth knowledge of The Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland

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