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Product Management Academy

The Product Management Academy is an incremental six-day study program that empowers product-focused professionals to put market-driven product creation principles into action. In this highly interactive training, taught in both English and Dutch, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to expertly manage products at any phase of your career. Each training provides valuable tools and practical techniques you can apply to work the next day.

Audience Profile: Product Management Academy

You will benefit from the Product Management Academy training if:

  • you are a product owner, product manager, or business manager
  • you want to create products that your customers love
  • you want a portfolio of products that ensures company success and survivability
  • you want to rally stakeholders behind your customers’ journeys

Achievements Upon Completion


  • use agile principles to build the right products fast, the right way
  • find opportunities in your market’s problems and build the most valuable things
  • score and compare different opportunities objectively
  • credibly sell plans internally and successfully rally a team behind your goals

You will learn:

  • various techniques to scale the product management role
  • how and why Scrum works
  • how to: apply an entrepreneurial mindset to create new products
  • find product-market fit, without building the product
  • apply actionable metrics to steer your product
  • verify a product idea within a week
  • align business and development projects
  • manage a portfolio of products
  • align products and strategy
  • manage the lifecycle of your products
  • create a DNA of continuous innovation in your company

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • act in the product owner role
  • create personas and agile roadmaps
  • say “No” to feature gluttony
  • convince and commit management and (external) customers
  • create customer journey maps that convey customer pain
  • growth hacking techniques to grow your product based on usage feedback
  • apply lean startup techniques in an enterprise environment
  • discover new market problems
  • understand continuous innovation based on real case studies and group questions

You will develop the skills to:

  • write user stories, working with teams to determine what to build
  • estimate and plan with story maps
  • prioritize tasks and guide Agile teams towards more value
  • do sprint and release planning
  • ensure a maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • effectively prioritize based on business value
  • develop a product vision and capture it in a tangible way
  • create reliable roadmaps
  • work with result-driven contracts
  • manage and optimize a product development flow
  • do market-driven need discovery
  • create and align a product strategy
  • do agile portfolio planning
  • lead in an Agile environment

Additional Information and ScrumAlliance Certified Product Owner training certifications are equivalent to Advanced Product Owner level and accepted as the entry prerequisite for the Product Manager Foundation Level.