Advanced Product Owner

Designed for experienced product owners who have completed a foundation course or certification, this two-day Advanced Product Owner (APO) training gives you everything you need to take your role to the next level. Go beyond the mechanics of Scrum and maximize your effectiveness through a dynamic blend of team exercises, discussions, and lectures taught in Dutch or English. You'll learn the best ways to prioritize a backlog, how to influence stakeholders, and much more.

Is Advanced Product Owner training right for me? 

  • Yes - if you are an experienced product owner or agile product manager
  • Yes - if you have mastered the fundamentals of Scrum and agile
  • Yes - if you are ready to pursue a new level of entrepreneurship within the product owner role

What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • Agile product management; what it is and is not
  • How to scale the product owner role without sacrificing Scrum values
  • How to integrate business model innovation with product innovation

You will develop the skills to:

  • Work with difficult stakeholders
  • Articulate a clear vision with measurable business objectives
  • Prioritize development using effective outside-in techniques
  • Implement agile user-experience design techniques, including personas and lean startup customer development methods

What else should I know?


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