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Advanced Product Owner

The role of Product Owner might be the most comprehensive and demanding role in the Scrum process. In this training you learn how to own a vision and to know all about product and process details.

Audience Profile: Advanced Product Owner Training

You will benefit from the Advanced Product Owner training if:

  • you have actual experience as a Product Owner, analyst, Agile Coach or team member,
  • you have a working knowledge of all aspects of Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban and you are ready to take your role to the next level,
  • you want to create the most business value possible.
  • We would like to stress that this training is also made for Product Owners of non-IT development teams.

Achievements upon completion

This training is a healthy mix between theory, exercises, and serious games. There will be time for your questions and the exchange of experiences between participants and trainers. However, the emphasis will be on practical applicability.

You'll learn:

  • new insights, techniques, and solutions,
  • how to get the most out of your teams,
  • how to realize higher output: from vision to backlog,
  • how to increase productivity, including the collaboration with the teams.

You'll have hands-on experience in:

  • how to deal with the challenges experienced Product Owners face,
  • convincing and committing management and (external) customers,
  • the 'project' management side of the Product Owner Role, including planning and contract management.

You'll have the skills to:

  • deal with the questions from your daily practice,
  • set up the Product Owner role in complex organizations,
  • bring your product, your teams and yourself to the next level.