Academy Specials

Xebia Academy Specials are the newest training courses we offer. If we find there is enough interest in the topic, we will add the course to our curriculum. Therefore, Xebia Academy Specials can also be seen as a try-out. We offer these trainings at low cost and sometimes even free of charge. In return, we ask for your feedback to help us improve and decide to add it to our curriculum.

All Xebia Academy Specials are open for sign-up. There is no fixed training date decided yet since we start planning based upon the number of people who signed up. Of course, we will be in close contact with you about this. The duration and price of the training will be stated in the training detail page.

Xebia Academy Specials provides you with our latest insights for low cost with the same high standards as you’re used to get from us.

Current specials:

TDD benefits are obvious. Developing with a test-first approach creates better, more maintainable code. But how to get the most out of applying these practices in modern front-end frameworks isn’t always so clear.
TDD in JS Front-end-land done right

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